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KX-2 500
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KX-2 500

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For flexible, safe and reliable laboratory automation, look no further than the innovative KX-2 collaborative laboratory robot from PAA.

The KX-2 offers continuous 360 degree rotation on the shoulder and wrist axes, providing process optimisation and increased throughput.

The full enclosure design makes it intrinsically safe and proven PAA technology delivers reliable performance for all your automation needs.





With 360° continuous rotation of the shoulder and wrist axes and a multi-link arm, the KX-2 offers extensive reach for effective use of the available space. The radial compactness of the KX-2 arm, combined with a wide reach, allows easy instrument accessibility and optimal instrument placement, leading to improved instrument density, easy serviceability and increased throughput.

Easy to decontaminate

The KX-2 was developed with contamination minimisation in mind. The sealed design is wipe-clean with no bug traps, making it well-suited for Biosafety Level 2 applications.

High Safety

The KX-2 is ideal for use on an open bench as operator safety is assured – the KX-2 stops safely on human contact. The fully enclosed working mechanism ensures finger protection, making the robot fundamentally safe to use. The KX-2 is fully compliant with safety standards: ISO 10218–1:2011.

Simple to set up and easy to use

KX-2 features drag-to-teach technology providing easy automation of workflows. Simply move the robot arm through the pathway to the correct position and with the touch of a button the teaching is complete. In the event of power loss, the KX-2 arm remains in position and the servo gripper  maintains hold on the plate. On power up, the KX-2 retains taught positions, allowing immediate resumption of the workflow.

Flexible handling

The KX-2 can handle a wide range of labware from different types of plates to tip racks, tube racks, petri-dishes and T-flasks, making it the robot of choice for a variety of research applications, including synthetic biology, drug discovery and biotechnology. The counter-balanced arm of the KX-2 allows handling of full deep well plates at maximum extension for optimal use of the work envelope.


Product Name:  KX-2 500

Max Payload:  500g (1.1lb) 

Radial Stroke:  525 mm (20.7in)

Radial Reach:  787mm (31in) w/Side-Grip Fingers, 677mm (26.6in) to Wrist Center

Radial Compactness:  190mm (7.47in) with Gripper Facing Inward


Shoulder:  360° Unlimited

Z:  500mm (19.69in) 

Elbow:  525mm (20.7in)

Wrist:  360° Unlimited

Gripper:  26.15mm (1.03in) per finger

Speed (Max):  

Shoulder:  145 deg/s

Z:  750 mm/s (29.5 in/sec)

Elbow:  467 mm/s (18.4 in/sec) avg. 

Wrist:  500 deg/s

Gripper:  47 mm/s (1.85 in/sec)


Shoulder: 14.5Nm (128 in-lb) Peak, 7.3Nm (64 in-lb) Continuous
Z:  43.3N (9.7 lbs) Peak, 21.7N (4.9 lbs) Continuous
Elbow:  11.3Nm (100 in-lb) Peak, 5.7Nm (50 in-lb) Continuous
Wrist:  1.22Nm (10.8 in-lb) Peak, 0.61Nm (5.4 in-lb) Continuous
Gripper:  22N (5 lbs)

Encoder Resolution:

Shoulder:  8,388,608 counts/revolution
Z:  3,998 counts/mm
Elbow:  13,375 counts/mm avg.
Wrist:  16,384 counts/revolution
Gripper:  3,183 counts/mm (motion of single finger)


Arm Extend:  +/- 0.1mm (.004in)

Vertical:  +/- 0.1mm (.004in)

Weight:  29.5 kg (65 lbs)

Height:  925mm (36.4in)


Input Power: 100-240 VAC), 1Φ, 47-63Hz, 5.6A Max @ 115VAC (2.8A Max @ 230VAC)

Output to Robot: 57VDC/5.3A/300W Max, 24VDC/3A/80W Max

Power Supply Dims: 240mm x 160mm x 90mm (9.5in x 6.3in x 3.5in)

Safety:  Current & Position Error Sensing, Emergency Stop Button (Stop Cat. 1)

User I/O:  3 Digital Inputs, 2 Analog Inputs, 3 Digital Outputs

Encoders:  Magnetic Absolute on robot joints, Incremental on gripper

Teaching:  Drag-to-teach-point, one-touch teach button on robot, game controller

Gripper Options:  Top-Grip, Side-Grip, Side-Grip-Portrait-Jog, Custom

PC Interface:  USB 2.0